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Welcome Daggers!

by Kitty Got Claws, 1030 days ago

Welcome to the 'Band of Daggers' website. For those that don't know... The 'Band of Daggers' is a Social, PvE, PvP, Groups (normal and vet), Trials and Trading guild within the Elder Scrolls Online game. Our guild is completely free and open to everyone (we are a noob friendly guild!), the guild itself is ran by our members for our members.

We have over 450+ guild members and try to run daily PvE and PvP activities on the EU mega-server. We have developed some pretty cool tools and utilities to assist our fellow guild members such as having a Discord voice server with Music Bot that can be controlled by members (thanks Sinusbot!), we even have our own WhatsApp guild messaging group and much, much more... 

From a PvP perspective we are primarily a 'Daggerfall Covenant' based guild that is currently running on the 'Sotha Sil' campaign (formally Azura). However we do have guild members that belong to other factions, as well as members that play in other campaigns.

If you've ever been to Cyrodiil within the game then the chances are that you would of seen people using our call-sign '<3' in zone chat trying to join one of our groups. Whilst we do invite random players into our groups, priority is always given to our guild members and if a group is full then any random players will be 'kicked' by the group leader to make way for a guild member.

What do your guild members get?

On-top of getting priority access into PvE and PvP groups that we are running and all the goodies mentioned above, you also get access to a strong guild community for asking questions and getting answers and also other benefits such as access to the guild's website forums, whatsapp group, facebook page etc...

How do I join?

Joining the Band of Daggers is simple, if you are already a guild member or have just joined us, then simply click this 'I'm already a guild member' link and fill out the basic registration form, we will then get you setup on this website with your forum access!

If you are not a guild member but would like to join us, then please contact 'Foxey o Zen' or 'Kitty Got Claws' within the game to request a guild invite, it's really that simple! (our guild is free and open to everyone.)

What makes us different to other guilds?

Unlike other guilds, we will never tell you what to do, or indeed force you to do anything! If you want to PvP we will have a group running, if you want to PvE then we will have players that can help, if you want information about builds or need access to a guild trader, we've got that covered. But what makes us really different to other guilds is that we are all here to have fun!

Fun Stuff?

Some of the fun stuff we get up to... Naked scroll runs (yes we did say 'Naked'), Keep demolition services, co-ordinating with other guilds such as 'Honour', 'Exile' and 'TDA', IC runs, Crafting, Trading, Trials, PvE help in fact we do so much we've had to create this website to keep track of it all!

Again, welcome to our guild website and we hope you will <3 it.

 - The Guild Website Team (Kitty, Foxey and Grim)

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